Housing Information

Inwood House

Accessibility Features

All 150 apartments contain accessibility features for persons with mobility impairments. 56 one-bedroom apartments and 11 two-bedroom apartments have shower stalls specially designed for persons with mobility issues. Accessibility features in all 150 apartments include:

  • Grab bars that surround the bath area
  • Frost-free refrigerator and freezer
  • Large doorways with lever handles
  • Lower light switches/electrical outlets
  • Cut-outs under sinks and counter space
  • Adjustable height kitchen sink and counter
  • Lowered kitchen cabinets
  • Faux hardwood vinyl flooring
  • Raised commode with handrail

The five-story building has 3 large elevators that include, Brail,  audio tones, light signals, and a hands-free emergency phone.

The hallways are extra wide and lined with sturdy handrails.


The 3.5 Acre property has many amenities for residents

  • Telephone entry system
  • 24 Hour front desk staff
  • Emergency call system in each apartment
  • Optional weekday lunch program through Montgomery County
  • Active tenants association
  • Community Resource Advocate staff
  • Active recreational and social calendar
  • Plentiful handicap parking spaces
  • Walkway for dog walking
  • Back Patio with grills and tables
  • Raised garden beds
  • Rose garden
  • Free weekly transportation to Giant Foods In Wheaton